JamNet Sunshine Coast is a network of open-access music participation events and organisations, such as open-mics, jams or other related activities. There are dozens of such activities, some occur on a weekly or monthly basis across the Sunshine Coast, all of which reflect different styles and approaches but all have committed to the values of inclusion and opportunity.


Hundreds of people have benefited from this kind of opportunity and many ordinary members of the community are able to enjoy openings for artistic expression and inclusion as a result. Some target particular groups in the community such as under 18s, people with disabilities or the aged. Most provide good fun and friendship, which are at least great therapy for issues such as depression or social alienation, allowing people to build a sense of connection with their community. In some cases the venues offer free meals or small prize gifts for performers, as well as exposure to a listeining public.


The open-access music scene deserves to be seen as a community and potentially a shared resource for the Sunshine Coast as a whole. JamNet aims to create a community where live music is celebrated, participated in and enjoyed by all.  Sunshine Coast create a reputation of being a region abundant with live music, in which every community or village champions its own local talent and then channels it into wider public recognition. The love of music is a treasure to be shared with all.


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